Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Luck of the Draw

I went to our 1st Garden Club meeting this week and had a lovely brunch and visited with the members,who were attending the meeting…We had our brunch 1st, followed by our meeting…talking on projects we had in the works and a few new ones. The sunken gardens at our local park is our major project,and some members entering the local Art Show with floral arrangements(new project)…and “Oh My” I think they have talked me into  doing a couple “mixed-media” arrangements…more on that later!!!

OK…now on with what I started this post about…LOL!  There were a number of potted bulb bouquets  sitting around….and I won the drawing of the most wanted one…Yeah for me!!! Now a few pics of said prize…151photos 002151photos 003151photos 005151photos 004151photos 007151photos 008151photos 009

151photos 006

A very pretty bouquet, I think…until next time…

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