Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Handmade Scarves for Sale

Just finished 3 scarves …crocheted of Cool yarns and some have scraps of fabric (fabric Rags)…some of you might recognize this look from my Rag Bags…I have sold before on my Etsy shop…CarLe Etc. and locally at shows…

So shoot me an email or give me a call if you see something that strikes your fancy!!!

Now, pictures of the 3 I have done today and 1 of a Rag Bag…Red,Black,White,and a touch of yellow…

scarves 4 sale 001scarves 4 sale 002scarves 4 sale 003scarves 4 sale 004scarves 4 sale 005scarves 4 sale 006scarves 4 sale 007scarves 4 sale 008scarves 4 sale 010scarves 4 sale 011scarves 4 sale 012scarves 4 sale 013

until next time…

Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Primitives for Booth

OK with the upcoming Primitive shows in the Arcola/Arthur and Tuscola area,at the beginning of March…I am trying to fill my booth in Tuscola  at the Paddy Wagon Mall with Primitives and Desirables. I worked really hard on it yesterday…I mean some of this stuff has not seen the light of day…for more than a decade…tubbed or boxed and put in  the attic or storage…OK! Really!!! Time to move it on…Don’t ya think???

So come on locals and dealers from far and wide…get yourself a bargain  or 2 and help this girl de-clutter!!! I’m #18 at the Paddy Wagon,in Tuscola,IL…but actually the place is full of great stuff…you won’t be disappointed!!!

Now on with the pictures of my booth, and the treasures I’ve unearthed…Ya all come!!!

kitchen,booth 004kitchen,booth 005kitchen,booth 006kitchen,booth 007kitchen,booth 008kitchen,booth 010kitchen,booth 009kitchen,booth 011kitchen,booth 012kitchen,booth 014kitchen,booth 015kitchen,booth 013kitchen,booth 016

OK don’t forget now…you ‘al come see what you can find…until next time…