Friday, October 15, 2010


2 new items added to my Etsy Shop… …for obvious reasons, I called them…BUTTON,BUTTON…WHO’S GOT THE BUTTON JEWELRY…I was inspired by a Button Box,a Rosary,and some vintage Silvery/Grey SeamBinding …the very sight of Matte Ivory Buttons, Silvery/Grey SeamBinding, and the Rosary Beads made the most beautiful muted creams and whites combination…in those lovely Tones. And now some pics of the Button,Button…Necklace and Earrings…button jewelry 004 button jewelry 005 button jewelry 006 button jewelry 008 button jewelry 009 button jewelry 010 button jewelry 011 button jewelry 012 

Please take a look…until next time…

I think we are left with the friends we need.”

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ok…here we go!  To TEXAS that is…some of my favorite places to be…and some of my favorite TREASURES from TEXAS…antique fair treasures 003 antique fair treasures 007 antique fair treasures 009 antique fair treasures 010 antique fair treasures 025 antique fair treasures 030 antique fair treasures 035 antique fair treasures 038 “SISSY”antique fair treasures 041 FAV…antique fair treasures 042 cameo ring…more TREASURES to come…until next time…

Thursday, October 7, 2010


We are home safe,not too sure how sound we are…Hubby did a terrific job of driving us home Sunday…our day started out around 4:30am and ended by pulling into the drive about 11:35pm…worn~out and tired, but home safe…besides my sister falling out backwards of her son’s pick~up truck and breaking at least 5 ribs…I felt driven to get home…a phone call Monday morning revealed… why. My aunt had passed on Sunday evening…so a funeral today, and now,please,maybe back to a somewhat normal life???? Haven’t had a chance to set~up pics of my treasures,I found on my trip to Texas…but I will slip in a pic of our home away from home…and maybe tomorrow will lend it’s self in favor of TREASURES….

until next time… our Bounder 2008 005 our Bounder 2008 007

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Homeward Bound

Hi ya all! We are on our way home from Antique Fair in Texas…in our own Gypsy Wagon of sorts…I do believe my battery is running low,so pics to follow after we make it home safely…(and I’ve already crossed my fingers and said a little prayer for that one)…until next time…luv to all

Friday, October 1, 2010


Time is drawing close to the end of the Antique Fair…I know Boo~Hoo…Hubby and I went around and said our sad good~byes today…We will be heading out in the morning…It was a wonderful time and we hope to do it again next year…a few pics as we we’re driving along today…until next time~~~Antique Fair 2010 003 Antique Fair 2010 004 Antique Fair 2010 005 Antique Fair 2010 006 Antique Fair 2010 007 Antique Fair 2010 008 Antique Fair 2010 009