Monday, December 5, 2011

December Booth

OKay here I am…It does not seem possible ,that it’s been over a month since I posted last…Busy Times,is all I’ve got to say. Now to my post today,is all about my December Booth at Paddy Wagon.

All red,green and white…with hints of Christmas all over the place…my pictures will tell the story…so fun to stage  my booth. Anyway, on with the show…

april pre wed to dec05  780 768april pre wed to dec05  780 769april pre wed to dec05  780 770april pre wed to dec05  780 771april pre wed to dec05  780 772april pre wed to dec05  780 773april pre wed to dec05  780 774april pre wed to dec05  780 775april pre wed to dec05  780 776april pre wed to dec05  780 778april pre wed to dec05  780 779april pre wed to dec05  780 780april pre wed to dec05  780 777

A Fantastic paper mache Santa face with sequins and fur on the band of his hat…Really I hate to sell it…what's wrong with me anyway???

until next time…

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Spooky!!!!! Every year we ,(meaning mostly me) my husband Charlie,although my friend Bev does pitch in whenever she can, put on this big production of a…HAUNTED PORCH…Our porch has two doors,so the little goblins have to come in the front door,and walk the length of the porch(totally HAUNTED too) and get their goodies at the other door. We three are dressed in our couture costumes…so without further ado on with the pictures… 

Halloween2011 001the husbandHalloween2011 002Halloween2011 003Halloween2011 004Halloween2011 005Halloween2011 006Halloween2011 007Halloween2011 008Halloween2011 009Halloween2011 010Halloween2011 011Halloween2011 012SPOOKY!!!Halloween2011 013Halloween2011 014Halloween2011 015Halloween2011 016Halloween2011 018friend,BevHalloween2011 019Halloween2011 020Halloween2011 021Halloween2011 022Halloween2011 023graveyardHalloween2011 024Halloween2011 025Halloween2011 026Halloween2011 027Halloween2011 032Halloween2011 030and me…Halloween2011 033Halloween2011 034Halloween2011 035Halloween2011 036Halloween2011 037Halloween2011 039Halloween2011 040Halloween2011 041Halloween2011 042Halloween2011 043Halloween2011 044Halloween2011 045until next time……..BOOOOOO!!!!!