Sunday, March 27, 2011

Casey’s Bridal Shower

OK I haven’t bored you to …TEARS   yet with details of my granddaughter’s up and coming WEDDING…on April 16th,2011…But here it comes!   Just kidding this is… Her Bridal Shower! 

Casey's bridal shower 015

She is the first of my grand-children…I am very proud of her and I love her to pieces…(I know, now I sound like a Blathering ,grandma.) I guess I am…cause SHE is as Beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

'Casey's bridal shower 008

The Shower was held at her Church’s new building…

Casey's bridal shower 012

some of her family and friends…Casey's bridal shower 006

yummies for everyone

Casey's bridal shower 007

Here she is opening gifts…lovely gifts !!!Casey's bridal shower 004Casey's bridal shower 021Casey's bridal shower 022

I didn't take a good picture of her but there is more to come…

Casey's bridal shower 017Casey's bridal shower 018 

Sorry these are rather blurry,but I was laughing so hard…I’m surprised they came out this good…You see Casey was playing a game where,she had to give the same answer Brett(the groom to be) gave or…put a piece of bubble gum in her mouth…and she ended up with 8 wrong answers…and 8 pieces of bubble gum…HaHa! …anyway she was a good sport and had quite a mouth full.

But all kidding aside…she will make a Beautiful Bride…until next time…Luv ya Casey!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Resale Booth

Hello…so it is a dull old grayish morning and so tired of it!!! I thought I would drop in and show you our (my sister’s and my)booth…in a local resale shop…”New 2 You” cute huh?  So we just got the lattice and box~side added to our booth and I got sick…better now,but sure knocked the wind out of me…anyway,I still need to tweek it and shelves are to be added…soon I hope(wink)…and we both have lots to bring in…more of that De~Stashing project I have started…

OKay on with the pictures…

last snow,resale booth 008last snow,resale booth 009last snow,resale booth 010last snow,resale booth 011last snow,resale booth 012

until next time…

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I found this set of pics on my camera from  a few weeks ago now, so I decided to go on and post them like I was going to before, I forgot them…They are pictures of I hope our last snow and the signs of SPRING…WOW! what a great word at this time of winter~ending…So I am posting,so maybe it will come true…SPRING!!!

last snow,resale booth 001last snow,resale booth 002last snow,resale booth 003last snow,resale booth 004last snow,resale booth 006last snow,resale booth 007

until next time…