Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Fun at Warrenton/Antique Week

Yes, more fun at Warrenton,with new friends and a Fab purchase…A Chic CowGirl  Bag by Robelyn of  red~neck Chic…catch a view of my Fab new Bag…Antique week 2011 fall 020Antique week 2011 fall 021

OKay…I told you it was great!!! She has more Cool Bags…infact she  has one similar to mine…only in RedAntique week 2011 fall 009

ReCycled and RePurposed is what she is all about…My Bag is made from Suede Shirt,Curtains,Belt Buckle…Roomy and Ready to Haul it…A couple of pics of Robelyn  in her booth at ZappHall field…better check her out …HaHa! Tell her Carolyn sent you…Antique week 2011 fall 005Antique week 2011 fall 006Antique week 2011 fall 007Antique week 2011 fall 008

Told you it was Cool…until next time…

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Marburger Farm Antique Show

Marburger Welcomes you in to the greatest show on earth…just a few sneak peeks of Antique Week….Antique week 2011 fall 010Antique week 2011 fall 012Antique week 2011 fall 017Antique week 2011 fall 020Antique week 2011 fall 021

and more later…until next time…

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cajun Cottage…

Andrea Canova  from Louisiana has set up cottage  at Texas Rose Show in Round Top,Tx.  Best little haunted cottage in Texas…Come check it out Monday nite at their …late nite shopping bash…5pm till 9pm…Antique week 2011 fall 007Antique week 2011 fall 008Antique week 2011 fall 009Antique week 2011 fall 010Antique week 2011 fall 011Antique week 2011 fall 012Antique week 2011 fall 013Antique week 2011 fall 014Antique week 2011 fall 015Antique week 2011 fall 016Antique week 2011 fall 017Antique week 2011 fall 018

more on antique week next time…

Friday, September 23, 2011

It’s Fall****

We are on our way to Texas for the big Antique week including…Marburger Show and Round Top Show. But more on that after we get there….Yeah!!!!

For now I thought I would catch you up on my change-out at my Paddy Wagon booth in Tuscola…It’s Fall and beginning to look like it in my booth…more will be added after I get back home…take a peek!!!!!!!!!!!! camping,fall booth-look 006camping,fall booth-look 007camping,fall booth-look 008camping,fall booth-look 009Looking a little like a haunted house???camping,fall booth-look 010camping,fall booth-look 011camping,fall booth-look 012camping,fall booth-look 013camping,fall booth-look 015camping,fall booth-look 014camping,fall booth-look 016camping,fall booth-look 017camping,fall booth-look 018camping,fall booth-look 019camping,fall booth-look 022camping,fall booth-look 020camping,fall booth-look 023camping,fall booth-look 024camping,fall booth-look 025camping,fall booth-look 026camping,fall booth-look 027camping,fall booth-look 028

camping,fall booth-look 021

until next time….BOO!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Discover the power

Discover the power…I have been reading some on the power of creating jewelry(adornments) with the intention to heal. To heal ,I mean ,in the sense of the betterment of mind ,body and most defiantly soul …I’ve felt drawn to this for quite awhile now. Creating beautiful jewelry for all  and for better wellbeing… and I’ve found a good source in “Inspiritu  Jewelry” by Marie French. Many discoveries!

I was inspired to create my first piece…For a very dear friend,who was having a rough go of it…Too much sadness and grief…suffering for an extended time…

I took a naturally heart-shaped stone (love conquers all,you know)from my rock pile…collaged the rock with symbols of the heaviness surrounding them…cut out words and drew symbols that represents,what you want to release.

I encaptured the stone with sterling silver wire and hung it from a creation of chain and leather cord…

I then prayed to God almighty,to bless this necklace and prayed  the burdens and heaviness felt in the heart for too long ,would be released into the stone and gone from them…Now a couple of pictures of the finished piece…healing necklace001 005healing necklace001 006healing necklace001 007

May God Bless…until next time…