Friday, August 5, 2011

A Toadstool Fairy Ring?**

Okay a hot summer’s day in Illinois,right? I have to water every other day or so…and early one morning I intend to do just that…and there it is!!! Under the hydrangea bush ,to my surprise,I see this ring of toadstools….What? As hot as it’s been…You know what I mean?But anyway, there it is…Big ones, Medium ones, and  tiny tiny ones…Okay watering has to wait…in I go to get my camera,to get you proof of what I have here!!!

So pictures to follow of the Toadstool Fairy Ring…mind you there are no pictures of the Fairys….wouldn’t that be special??? I loved that English movie about pictures of Fairys and Fairy places in the woods,and whether the sisters’ pictures were real????

Okay,back to my pictures of the Toadstool Fairy Ring…jewelry,toadstools,fairyring,gypsy jacket,aug booth 012jewelry,toadstools,fairyring,gypsy jacket,aug booth 013jewelry,toadstools,fairyring,gypsy jacket,aug booth 014jewelry,toadstools,fairyring,gypsy jacket,aug booth 015jewelry,toadstools,fairyring,gypsy jacket,aug booth 016jewelry,toadstools,fairyring,gypsy jacket,aug booth 017jewelry,toadstools,fairyring,gypsy jacket,aug booth 018jewelry,toadstools,fairyring,gypsy jacket,aug booth 019jewelry,toadstools,fairyring,gypsy jacket,aug booth 020jewelry,toadstools,fairyring,gypsy jacket,aug booth 021jewelry,toadstools,fairyring,gypsy jacket,aug booth 022jewelry,toadstools,fairyring,gypsy jacket,aug booth 023jewelry,toadstools,fairyring,gypsy jacket,aug booth 024 

If you see a Fairy in pictures you let me know….until next time…

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Janie Fox said...

I had a bunch of toadstools too. Is it the humidity? I loved that movie too!!