Sunday, August 21, 2011


Have you heard of it??? Pinterest! It is fantastic,creative,fun,memorable, additive, and much more…My girlfriend,Janie,got me started(thanks,Janie)…no really thanks,cause I love it. It has …Boards and pins and re-pins(I do a lot of re-pinning)…here is one I just re-pined…think it might of even been ,my friend Janie’s…LOL!


Yep ,don’t you love it???  I call it Bling Bracelets…I repinned it today onto mystyle & romantic style Boards originally from  …to see more check-out 

I have given you fair warning it will capture you…until next time…

1 comment:

Janie Fox said...

ha it was my pin and I love it. Pinterest is like falling down a rabbit get lost and could be gone for hours!