Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Look

A New fun  summer *Look *for my…Little Shop(booth sp.) in *Paddy Wagon*. Just wanted to get the look before Autumn arrives…U know how fast the weeks keep flying by??? Well the way I see it….Time does not stand still and it won’t wait-up on me. Haha!

So,anyway, a color change from a red,white,and blue theme…to a Summery green,white,and pink color pallet, with some florals thrown in for good measure…thanks for checking in…and next a glimpse of a “vintage  denim  Gpysy jacket”, I’ll be listing on my shop…now on with the pictures…

until next time….

1 comment:

Janie Fox said...

I WANT that chippy painted lady. Gee I want a bunch of it and I don not need it. Great job my friend!!