Monday, January 9, 2012

Is It Too Late for Christmas?????????

HaHaHa!!!  The  answer is Yes, of course…but I’m doing it anyway. Time has just flown by and I have gotten nothing posted…so in short some pictures of Christmas Eve at our family celebration…First there was a MotorHome t rip through the Festival of Lights at our local Park…there were a lot of OOOHHS and AAWWHH’S. Great-Granddaughter Lea LOVED IT!  A meal fit for a Queen…of course(BAH-HA-HA) and then the opening of the gifts, and last but not least…the Christmas Decorating***  No Snow! Go figure! 

Now on with the show!!!!

sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 007sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 009sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 010sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 013sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 014sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 015sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 016sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 017sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 018Ok, yes this is our Christmas tree this year…

sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 020sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 021sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 022sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 025sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 026sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 027sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 028sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 029sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 030sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 031sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 032sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 034sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 037Now a DBL Scarf,I’ve made…look for them and more on my Shop…sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 038sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 039sofa,dbl scarf,christmas2011 040 until next time…

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red.neck chic said...

Carolyn - it's never to late for your BEAUTIFUL Christmas decor!!! How FUN all of it looks!!!

And your scarf? AMAZING!!! I will be watching for one that I'm fairly certain I need to call my own!!!

;-D robelyn