Saturday, June 18, 2011


I have had some good Inspiration lately…and it prompted some Creation on my part. There is an antique shop in a nearby town,that has spoken for my jewelry creations as soon as I can get it made and over there…Yea!!! and all that good news…so this post is to display some of my Creations,for memories sake if nothing else. HaHa!

So here goes…some of those Creations…booth T,jewelry 011booth T,jewelry 012booth T,jewelry 013booth T,jewelry 014booth T,jewelry 015booth T,jewelry 016booth T,jewelry 017booth T,jewelry 018

if you could only smell the lily…lovely

booth T,jewelry 020booth T,jewelry 019booth T,jewelry 021booth T,jewelry 022booth T,jewelry 023booth T,jewelry 024booth T,jewelry 025

until next time…

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