Sunday, August 5, 2012

Welcomed to my Courtyard…

Here I am, just a couple of days after my last post…will wonders never seize??? HaHa!

Starting to get HOT again, but we did get a couple of rains…one really nice slow rain last nite…and one storm and hard rain right after Bev and I got the porch and courtyard done…I’m not complaining mind you…well not too much! But, you know how it hasn’t rained for so long…who puts their toolboxes away? or even closes them,right??? Well you guessed it, at least 1 or maybe 2” of rain in the bottom of my yellow toolbox…holding my picture hanging equipment…like little nails,picture wire, and sticky holders…Right!!!  My metal tray holding screws,hooks,nails,hammer,pliers  and many misc. thingies…also holding rain water. So I dumped them out, laid everything out on a beach towel…and threw away all the soggy little boxes that had nails,screws and all in it.

Not complaining…just saying…right??? We sure needed the rain, and I needed to sort out the toolboxes anyway…LOL!!!

So some more pics of the Courtyard…and an outside cat called Squeaker(the major Daddy-Cat)…and one of his many daughters, called Pumpkin…

Porch and courtyard 019

Porch and courtyard 020


Porch and courtyard 021

Porch and courtyard 025

Porch and courtyard 026

Porch and courtyard 023


Porch and courtyard 026

Porch and courtyard 027

Porch and courtyard 028

Porch and courtyard 029

Porch and courtyard 030

So welcomed to my Courtyard anytime…and until next time…CarLe Etc.

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