Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chautauqua Wedding

First Wedding of the Century…In the Chautauqua Building…and it was my granddaughter Casey’s Wedding…to her beloved…Brett.

Beautiful in every direction..all very unique in Pastels,yet with Teal and Gray,too…vintage,yet Contempary in Ceremony and Song…all Papery and Whimsy with Lights aglow,yet strong of Structure and Love…many blessed Memories for all to Cherish~~~Long after the Ceremony fades away~~~  Happy Memories  ~~~

Now a few Pictures of the Magical Day…

(I must apologize for some of the pictures out of focus or blurriness, lack of charged battery and the cold temps…and that is a whole other story)

 Chautauqua Wedding 002Chautauqua Wedding 003Chautauqua Wedding 005Chautauqua Wedding 011Chautauqua Wedding 013Chautauqua Wedding 019Chautauqua Wedding 026Chautauqua Wedding 028Chautauqua Wedding 029Chautauqua Wedding 038Chautauqua Wedding 044Chautauqua Wedding 046Chautauqua Wedding 049Chautauqua Wedding 052Chautauqua Wedding 057Chautauqua Wedding 060Chautauqua Wedding 071

until next time~~~LOVE~~~

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