Thursday, October 7, 2010


We are home safe,not too sure how sound we are…Hubby did a terrific job of driving us home Sunday…our day started out around 4:30am and ended by pulling into the drive about 11:35pm…worn~out and tired, but home safe…besides my sister falling out backwards of her son’s pick~up truck and breaking at least 5 ribs…I felt driven to get home…a phone call Monday morning revealed… why. My aunt had passed on Sunday evening…so a funeral today, and now,please,maybe back to a somewhat normal life???? Haven’t had a chance to set~up pics of my treasures,I found on my trip to Texas…but I will slip in a pic of our home away from home…and maybe tomorrow will lend it’s self in favor of TREASURES….

until next time… our Bounder 2008 005 our Bounder 2008 007

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