Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Day~~~Another Show

Wow! It is a whirlwind around here…Opening Day at the Big Red Barn…some really cool stuff. We, hubby and me,did some floating from show to show. I think it’s called the Depot…I scored a full sized cutout of(drum roll)…Johnny Depp as the Pirate. We took it to a special friend,and Wow she thought I scored too…and finally this crazy booth out in the BAR W field, belonging to Jennie…just WOW!   hoping pics to follow: Rountop2010 002 Magnolia Pearl~Johnny Depp~ and me…Rountop2010 008  Rountop2010 012 Rountop2010 009Rountop2010 013 Jennie’s crazy boothRountop2010 015 Rountop2010 016 Jonny Depp in my motor home…until next time…

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